Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We're back, Baguio!

When we first went to Baguio last 2012, I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip that I vowed to come back. I am very pleased to say that we stayed true to our words and we went back! This trip was actually planned by my husband and his friends and I had no idea that I’d be coming along. He arranged everything with his friends and only told me days before the trip. Unfortunately, our stay here is shorter than the last one, but we enjoyed nonetheless.
I love you City of Pines!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

C∞C: The Big Day

Since I'm not working (not for long, I hope!) and I'm not running any errands, or running across town to comply something, I finally, finally have time to write about THE BIG DAY! I know, its waaay over due but the pics from the photographers weren't released the day after you know. Then, I went back to Cebu and there was work, and there were moments to cherish, memories to make, then there are more errands to run and full procrastination attacks to survive from. In short I was busy and I was saving this task when I can most enjoy it. Going through all the pictures is a bit tedious but here they are, finally!
A beautiful random shot during the ceremony. This wasn't staged. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

iWhite's new packaging

i'm back and now that Ive got time on my hands maybe I can blog more. Im gonna start my comeback with something cute and short. Ive told you all before about iWhite here and how I love it and how big of a fan I am since 2009. Well they've come up with something better - all new packaging! It's really cute and I can also tell that the formula's better because its colder in the face. I love it because it's still really cheap and the packaging now allows a narrower opening, meaning less mess!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Giddy as a Schoolgirl!

Yesterday, we had to wait for 2 hours for something in the mall so I decided to go to my happy place – the bookstore! I don’t just love the books there; I also love all the other stuff they sell! I love the stationeries, the art materials, the journals on display, the tapes and THE PENS! I have a mild obsession with pens that goes way, waaay back. When I was at school, I always want to have a good pen. I have very tiny hand writing so I prefer fine tip pens but we didn’t have much choice then so I think I am overcompensating now. I buy pens when I’m sad, when I’m happy and when I feel like writing. Im so happy my future kids won’t be stuck in a Uni-or-Panda choice.
So I bought my self a couple of pens, some pencils, sharpener, a bottle of glue and a pencil case yesterday and I am so excited! I always feel excited when I get new pens, I feel like the world is full of endless possibilities. I was so giddy I wanted to write pronto! So here I am virtually writing and I’m so happy.  I feel like a school girl, ready for school.
PS: Ive started tinkering on Adobe Lightroom, see I’m already starting something new!
PSS: For the first time in a long time,  the picture is taken by a proper camera, whose sole function is to take pictures and videos and not some multitasking monster(the last bit is a joke! I love you cellphone!)


Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to: Fix Windows 7 Logon that does not Display all Users

When I got home my brother started complaining about how he can’t resolve the logon display issue on our home PC. It took me a week to finally have time to take a look at it. Well it turns out to be a nasty problem that just won’t budge. I like it though, it challenges me and it wakes my curiosity and challenges me (this bit is tricky, because if it’s too much challenge my laziness will kick in).

Issue: When you get to the login screen what you only see is one user account (with the avatar and name) and another box that says Other User even if you have 3 other user accounts instead of all of your user accounts. You can still logon to the other accounts by clicking on Other User and manually typing the username and the password.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Concrete Jungle Birdies

I work in Cebu's biggest congregation of skyscrapers. Buildings pop out like mushrooms in what seemed like days and not months. 
Being an avid fan of mother nature and it's amazing creatures, I try to pick up as much moments as I can. One day, about two years ago, I was amazed to find a cute little bird building a nest above KFC's rafters. I was surprised at how much they have adjusted to the concrete jungle that surrounds them. Then all day this week when I start to walk home, I hear birds as in a flock of birds on these trees! There seems to be a lot of them because they are audible over my 85% volume level audiobook in headsets! I feel like I'm in the woods! Whats even more amazing, they are sort of synced! They sort of make a pause in their twittering and resume together. Simply amazing! I am amazed with the fact that even Cebu's most crowded place can be home to some animals.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Movie Throwback: The Little Mermaid

Rewatching Disney’s The Little Mermaid, ahhhh childhood memories came flooding in. I am a sucker for fairy tales and Classic Disney movies. 
  My favorite part of the movie are the songs and Sebastian. *wink*
Here's the whole song: 

 I think Ill be doing this more often.